"Leading homeless single mothers overcoming substance abuse along the path to self-sufficiency."

Homeless Single Mothers

The mission of Hopeful Solutions is to focus on keeping homeless single mothers with a substance abuse history and their children together. We provide a safe environment for the nurturing of this important family bond while the mothers are rebuilding their lives. Studies have shown that stable housing helps reduce stress and opens doors for emotional stability, healthy lives, and family preservation. We focus on the woman’s desire to be a positive mother to her children by addressing the issues of child neglect and substance abuse. Offering therapeutic opportunities to bond and socialize with each other through enrichment activities and events allows the families to build a foundation that will hopefully carry them throughout the rest of their lives.

Path to Recovery

Women who maintain their recovery can sustain self-sufficiency and lead productive lives. Spiritual and recovery support are paramount for that to happen. Hopeful Solutions’ purpose is to create a bridge to a better life by providing a nurturing environment as well as build their self-esteem. The services we provide cut down on recidivism and relapse in the mothers and keeps their families intact.

Our “Hopeful Solutions”

  • Mothers with a strong sense of self-respect and dignity! Our women are actively working on overcoming the challenges of homelessness, substance abuse, and child neglect.
  • Mothers who have regained their confidence and re-establish themselves as productive members of society.
  • Children whose mothers were affected by substance abuse have their emotional, social, mental, and physical issues addressed.
  • Mothers engaged in attaining additional education and skills development in order to maintain independent living.

Press Coverage

Learn more about our compelling stories and how Hopeful Solutions works hard to help young mothers and their children.

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Natalynne’s Story

My journey began with a mother that was a very loving, nurturing and insightful woman. She shared a lot of her wisdom with me throughout my childhood and gave me all of the tools she felt I needed to become a successful independent woman. I received a Master’s in Education, was selected as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and voted DISD Teacher of the Year, to name a few of my accomplishments. The disease of addiction robbed me of all the positive things in my life for which I had worked. Instead of prosperity, my addiction took me to a place of emotional, spiritual and physical bankruptcy. It was not until I reached a place of extreme hopelessness that I realized that jails/institutions were not a part of the vision my mother had for me. This is when I sought help to recover. In June of 2003 I began a new journey that involved walking a totally different path. I began praying for direction and realized that my passion for children was still there. I also discovered a new passion which involved working with women suffering from the same disease that so impacted my adult life. Through prayer, my vision became clear. I wanted to give women and children the same hope, comfort and stability that had sustained me growing up. It was with this vision that Hopeful Solutions was born.