Hopeful Solutions empowers homeless single mothers overcoming substance abuse to achieve self-sufficiency. 

Our hope is to restore dignity, stability and self-sufficiency to our Mothers.

Our program and the environment are designed to create an atmosphere of emotional, social and economic empowerment. Through our efforts we intend to satisfy the basic needs of our Mothers and their children, while reducing the anxiety and emotional disturbance caused by the stress of substance abuse and homelessness.  

Hopeful Solutions introduces them to community support systems available to aid in day-to-day living and coordinates services provided by government and other social service agencies. 

We develop in-house programs that provide positive educational and enriching experiences in a structured, stable and non-threatening environment.  

Mothers and their children are given opportunities to experience cultural activities that enhance family ties, build self-esteem and nurture social and emotional growth.

The duration of the program is for at least one year and no more than 18 months. Each Mother and her children live in their own furnished apartment. They receive individualized case management and supportive services focusing on emotional, economic and social development. 

Upon program completion, Mothers have achieved self-sufficiency and are prepared to live independently with their children.  

Core Values – We believe that:
Self-respect and dignity are essential to overcome the challenges of homelessness, substance abuse and child neglect. Single mothers and their children need more than
just food, shelter and clothing to regain confidence and re-establish themselves as productive members of society.
Children whose mothers are affected by substance abuse have emotional, social, mental and physical issues that must be addressed. • Women who maintain their recovery can sustain self-sufficient and productive lives with spiritual and recovery support.

Hopeful Solutions Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

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