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If not so, suitable interface unit between analyzer and laptop computer should be provided to facilitate testing, along with laptop computer as a part of test set.

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The pole faces of electromagnet must be kept clean.

The transformer undergoes electrical, chemical and thermal stresses during its service life which may result in slow evolving incipient faults inside the transformer. Wherever ambient temperature are higher than those specified above. Are the core bolts grounded.

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Guide for loading of oil immersed transformers.

Based on the heat run test data, the parallel shunt resistor to heater coil shall be adjusted by transformer manufacturer such that the current through heater coil will correspond to the winding hotspot gradient as per the heat run test result.

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The active part should not be disturbed without marking the present position at two or three reference points so that the various clearance are maintained as per the. Overall differential current relay covering the generator zone also.

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SCADA should not run along with a power cable.

FACTORS AFFECTING THE VALUES OF LOAD LOSSES AND IMPEDANCE VOLTAGE The magnitude of the load losses and the impedance voltage will vary depending on the positions of tap changers, if any in various windings.

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Grounding inter phase is considered to minimize. All phases of a particular winding is shorted together and also with neutral to minimize the effect of inductive currents during measurements.

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Follows the frequency sensitivity of the human ear at moderate levels, used in the past for predicting performance of loudspeakers and stereos, but not industrial noise. The porcelain portion is to be checked for any crack or chipping.