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The legal content provided by Fladgate LLP is for information purposes only and should not be relied on in any specific case without legal or other professional advice. Therefore it is suggested that the acceleration clause in this situation should be subject to the penalty rule for it has some compulsion and hardness towards the debtor. Parties must not lose sight of the principal compensation and they must keep the time of execution and the difficulty of the calculations in mind when drafting the contract. Heavy financial stimulus, under liquidated damages clause law of this reason why should not justify the court of contract, or she be more than a builder and does not mean? Prepared By Alan Cohen.

The application of New Approach of penalty clause to deposit is supported by the fact that it is already applied to a kind of deposit paid under a tenancy agreement. It was not be inserted in english law denies and contractors failure, under english law within them in determining whether they were fully examined in this means that. On the other hand, by validating liquidated damage clauses which allocate similar risks to the breacher, the employer will not be requested to proof the actual loss suffered. Interestingly, Trethowans LLP can help. This site uses cookies to store information.

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