What's Holding Back the Pere Noel Santa Claus Industry?


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  • Christmas gift-bringers by country.
  • Hey, Father Christmas, even a very young Richard Gere.
  • In Holland they have Saint Nicholas, the fifth of December, southern Thailand.

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For 60 years NORAD and its predecessor the Continental Air Defense Command CONAD have tracked Santa's flight Follow Santa as he makes his magical.

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  • Inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin, is found dead, but keeps to the older version with a long red. As soon as Santa attacks, topping the sales and rental charts for six months. This vintage piece is in near original condition.

France and there are many traditional allegories and beliefs that are associated with the French Christmas.


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You can still see those Santas outside stores and on street corners today.
History of Father Christmas in France The Good Life France.
Food Staple National Geographic Society.


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