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You probably knew that electricians and plumbers could file liens; now, you know that architects, foresters, surveyors, and many others may also be entitled to claim a lien to help them collect on past due accounts.


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Department of Motor Vehicle Safety if such person or persons fail to respond within ten days of receipt of such notice. If you are viewing this manual online, lick hereto see a complete list of vehicles that do notrequire a title in this state. Under federal law, a person who enters into a residential lease and thereafter enters military service may terminate the lease at any time after his or her entry into military service. Code section or who knowingly provides false or misleading information when providing any notice or information required by this Code section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Absent the provision of a credit by the owner, proceedings to enforce a lien must be instituted within one year from date of filing, or else the lien claim automatically expires. This is because the purpose of the notice is not to tell the owner that work is being performed, but to notify the owner that the claimant reserves the right to record a claim of lien. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the owner may relieve himself of the claims and privileges described above if he requires the contractor to give a bond with good and sufficient surety. Thus, the required waivers are, at first blush, only valid if the claimant actually gets paid. Kalloomal Tapeshwari Prasad and Co.

This option is only available when the title was mailed by MVto the vehicle owner and the owner has notreceived the title. Liens apply to the insurance company payouts from the driver at fault, and to the proceeds from uninsured motorist policies.

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